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How it works

Measuring network
You will have your own private website here on it-sensors.com where you can access up-to-date graphs and statistics from all the sensors and measuring stations you have installed. Your subscription is based on how many graphs you choose to have displayed, how often they are updated, and the type of alarms required. The navigation structure is intuitive and is based on the way your organisation works. Multiple passwords can be used to manage access.

Data can be collected from a single measuring station or you can build your own Virtual Private Measuring Network (VPMN)™ combining some hundreds of measuring stations located in various countries using different types of communication.

Measuring technology
Our remote measuring stations are based on 20 years of experience in measuring technology and communication, and have clocked up millions of hours of in-field use. We deliver them ready-to-install, and can also provide sensors if needed. Inbuilt communication is typically wireless (GSM or GPRS) or tele modem.

Measuring stations continuously record measuring data from connected measuring sensors, delivering it as a quality-assured time series. One to 128 sensors can be connected to each measuring station - the Mitec Smart Cable™ concept means that pressure, temperature, flow, level, energy and other sensors can be connected without transmitters or converters and recognised automatically by the system. Sensors can easily be changed or complemented as needed.

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RMS31/40 fixed installed measuring station.

RMS31/40M mobile measuring station.


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