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Add values to your products and optimes
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The national economy is changing at a fast pace. Information technology opens new possibilities for developing the industrial economy.

The global economy
As the economy becomes increasingly global, trade barriers are reduced and pricing becomes more transparent. This leads to increased competition and a faster pace in society. It means product life cycles become shorter and storage is relocated to transport systems.

New conditions for everyone
Companies and organisations are facing new conditions. Decisions need to be made faster and new organisational forms are emerging nased on alliances with decentralised decision-making.
To stay competitive you have to rationalise your business processes, and for this you need efficient tools.

IT in business development

The solution is to integrate electronic communication in the business system. Automatic electronic information processing opens new possibilities for development of both sales and after-market processes.

Measuring systems become business systems
At Mitec we are building on our 20-year experience from the measuring business to develop measuring systems with new communication- and Internet functions.

We combine our knowledge about measuring technology and modern information technology with your specific product and industry knowledge. We integrate modern information technology with traditional knowledge about industry and process technology.

This helps you increase your product's life cycle and open new business possibilities.

Please contact us for further information.

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